The Quality You Want, The Price You Can Afford

From our experience installing AV equipment in homes and businesses - Superior Sound Design has worked with several lines of equipment and, although we don't make ourselves known for selling products, we recommend several products with known responses that we can calibrate to any situation.

Our installations are always completely custom, although we recommend these brands - they in no way are a limit to the services we can provide! If you're considering purchasing a TV, and want someone to accompany you to a major retailer - or source the best projector or TV for your budget - call us!

Product Brand Recommendations

TV Brands

  • Panasonic
  • Mitsubishi
  • Runco
  • Toshiba


Projector Systems

  • Marantz
  • Mitsubishi

Amplifiers (integrated)

  • Marantz
  • B&K
  • Denon
  • NAD

Amplifiers (separate)

  • Marantz
  • B&K
  • Sherbourn



Music Servers

  • Media Max
  • Escient
  • NuVo Technology


  • TruAudio
  • Canton
  • ELAN
  • Genelec

Power Conditioners

  • Richard Gray
  • Furman

Remote Controls

  • Universal Remote Control Systems


  • Ethereal
  • Tributaries

Whole House Music Systems

  • Nuvo
  • B&K
  • ELAN

Integration Systems

  • ELAN Home Systems

Dimming Control Systems

  • Centralite
  • Lutron
  • Chauvet